11 Reasons To Love Liam Gallagher’s Twitter

Last night (April 24) Liam Gallagher tweeted the word “O A S I S” one letter at a time, sending the internet into a speculative frenzy quicker than you can you say “alright, our kid?”. What does it all mean? Is a reunion on the cards? Have he and warring brother Noel finally buried the hatchet? Is the Beady Eye frontman trying to steal some of the spotlight back from the Libertines as their reunion plans gather pace? Or is our man LG just deliberately pulling the legs of his legions of excitable fans – payback for plaguing his every waking hour with tweets pleading with him to get the Manc band back together? Or, was he just at home bored, having a laugh? Either way, it’s nice to see the wonder that is Liam’s Twitter account in the spotlight. After all, it’s one of the most brilliantly deranged out there. As bookies suspend betting on Oasis reforming this summer to headline Glastonbury, here’s a few shining (or as Liam might say, SHAAAYYIIIINNNING) examples of what makes Liam’s Twitter so weird and wonderful.

Revealing insights from behind the scenes in one of Britain’s biggest ever bands

The best profanity this side of The Thick Of It

Cryptic put-downs

Vital updates from life in the road in Beady Eye

His stellar football commentary

Selfies on trains

When he gets all introspective

That time he stuck it to his money-grabbing record label

The fact he signs off all his tweets ‘LG’

Trolling Noel

Who he follows
Liam has over 831,000 followers on Twitter, but only follows five accounts himself. One’s a Pretty Green account entirely in Japanese. The other’s a Brazilian Oasis fanpage written entirely in Portugese. Another belongs to Man City footballer Edin Dzeko, who’s Bosnian. His feed must be bloody riveting.