11 Things We Learned From The New House Of Cards Trailer

If you think the real-life US politics are controversial, then House Of Cards might give you a wee shock. The fourth series of the twisted political drama will premiere on Netflix on March 4, with the full series arriving on the streaming service world-wide. To feed the blood-thirsty appetite we all have for President Frank Underwood, his wife Claire and their dastardly scheming, Netflix has provided us with a brand new trailer – arguably the darkest and most revealing yet. There’s quite a few ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ moments in here so we’ve collected a selection of the most important moments.

Frank and Claire are at war

At the end of series three, Claire made it crystal-clear to her husband that she wanted a divorce, teeing this series up for a set of explosive scenes. Here, it looks like a very formal meeting between Claire, Frank and what could be their lawyers. Is the divorce definitely going through?


Frank’s still on the campaign trail

Frank began his campaigning for re-election last series, but this footage confirms that we are unlikely to see a huge time-jump from series 3 to the new episodes.


Lucas Goodwin might be back

In series one and two, newspaper reporter Zoe Barnes (remember her?) was assisted in her investigative endeavours by close friend, and fellow reporter – Lucas Goodwin. At the end of series two, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being framed for cyber-crimes by Frank Underwood’s ditch digger – Doug Stamper. He did not appear at all in series three, but if you squint hard enough, you might just be able to make out Lucas Goodwin on top of the bunk bed. It looks like Lucas might be back as a key cog in the House Of Cards machine

Remy and Jackie are still getting it on

After their on-off relationship over the previous series’, it looks like Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp’s relationship will continue in this new one.


Someone’s got their eye on Claire

The trailer shows a shocked Claire notice a peering eye through a crack in the door – who’s watching her? Maybe Frank’s got someone on the case.


There might be a bloody terrorist attack

It looks like the new episodes could take the ‘Homeland-route’ with some tense and explosive moments. The clip below shows a big group of people scurry to the floor, with potentially the perpetrator wielding a rifle.


The knock is back

Yep, the infamous ‘F.U.’ knock is back. We didn’t see it much in series three, but perhaps things are beginning to go his way in the new series.


Doug is up to his old tricks

Frank’s right-hand man Doug Stamper appears to be up to no good again – savagely beating and manipulating the opposition. The most intriguing about this clip is the person he’s attacking. It’s hard to see past his hands too well, but it could be his rival Seth Grayson, who was gunning for Stamper’s job as he recovered from the injuries sustained at the end of series two.


Claire and Viktor Petrov look like they’re getting steamy

Russian President Viktor Petrov got rather intimate with Claire in the last series when he kissed her passionately at a White House dinner in front of the entire room. Underwood and Petrov’s relationship had hit rock-bottom by the close of the last series – but Petrov’s relationship with Claire? It might just be heating up…

Things between Frank and Claire are going to get nasty

‘We had a future until you started destroying it’, Frank says to Claire as the trailer shows this tense clip of the pair, all but confirming that this series could get real spiteful.


But reconciliation might also be on the cards?

But wait! Does this clip suggest that the pair might reconcile? That’s Frank’s limo – and that could be Claire in the car. Maybe it’ll be happy families after all.


Watch the trailer in full below and deduce your own theories from it.