12 Exciting Albums Still To Come Out This Year

It’s easy – especially with talk of the Mercury Prize, best album lists and Christmas paraphenalia already in the supermarkets – to forget that there are three more glorious months to 2012. A whole quarter of new music to look forward to. Who knows what might happen? The next ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ could be hidden in late October, OK Computer loitering around advent. Here are some of the albums to get excited about. Let me know what you’d add in the comments.



Death Grips – ‘NO LOVE DEEP WEB’

Those rapscallions Death Grips defied their label Epic/Columbia and released their new album ‘NO LOVE DEEP WEB’ as a free download today. You can listen to it on their Third Worlds site, but, be warned, the site contains the NSFW cover art of an erect penis with the album title written on it. You can also stream the record on Soundcloud.

Tame Impala – ‘Lonerism’

We’ve been loving this record in the NME office. It’s the second album by Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala and will be released by Modular Recordings on October 8. The album is inspired by frontman Kevin Parker’s social awkwardness. In an interview with New Music Editor Matt Wilkinson, he revealed the five biggest influences: Supertramp, red wine, Todd Rundgren, Serge Gainsbourg and Led Zeppelin.


Mellowhype – ‘Numbers’

MellowHype is Hodgy Beats and Left Brain from Odd Future. ‘Numbers’ will hit our ears on October 9 and anticipation is already high; the Hodgemeister is often touted as the best rapper in the collective. Our review of ‘Timbs’ said the track was proof OF don’t have to offend to succeed.

Rachel Zeffira – ‘The Deserters’

Rachel Zeffira’s debut solo album is out on December 10. What we’ve heard so far sounds perfect for a wintry release. The Canadian classical musician, who is one half of Cat’s Eyes along with The Horrors’ frontman Faris Badwan, called on the talents of east London psych rockers Toy along with SCUM drummer Melissa Rigby to feature on her album. You can watch the trailer and listen to a snippet of a beautiful track above – I just watched it about 15 times.


Jake Bugg – ‘Jake Bugg’

The Nottingham new boy has been getting a lot of love recently, notably from Noel, Damon and Elton John. Bugg’s LP will be released on October 15 and features 14 tracks, including the single ‘Lightning Bolt’, which has featured on the BBC’s Olympic coverage. Bugg recently supported the Stone Roses at their only London show at adidas Underground in support of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Bat for Lashes – ‘The Haunted Man’

One of the most hotly anticipated albums of the year, Natasha Khan’s number three sounds more sophisticated than her (still brilliant) previous releases. She spoke to us recently about the choice to do the album cover naked. She wanted to “keep it as raw and natural as possible: it mainly came about from getting really bored of how women are projected in the media.” The album is out October 15 and you can watch the video for ‘All Your Gold’ above.


Scott Walker – ‘Bish Bosch’

Scott Walker will release Bish Bosch this December, his first studio album since 2006’s The Drift. 4AD are calling it ” tauter but more colourful experience than The Drift, with greater emphasis on processed, abrasive guitars, digital keyboards and thick silences”.


Crystal Castles – ‘Crystal Castles III’

Crystal Castles will release ‘III’ on November 5. It is their first record to be produced entirely by the band’s Ethan Kath. “We wanted the new album to sound like a completely different and new experience,” Kath has said, “We’d limit ourselves to one take on each song because we believe the first take is the rawest expression of an idea.”


The Rolling Stones – ‘GRRR!’

The exciting thing about the new Rolling Stones greatest hits album will be the two new songs. It will be the first time the band have released new music since 2005. The compilation will be titled ‘GRRR!’ and is being released to coincide with the band’s 50th anniversary. It will be released on November 12.


Green Day – ‘Dos!’

The second record in the Green Day trilogy comes out on November 24. Let’s hope it’s better than the first one.

Vinyl Williams – ‘Lemniscate’

Vinyl Williams’ music is just as trippy and psychedlic as his album artwork. He’s a creative based in Los Angeles whose tags on his bandcamp will tell you something about his sound: “experimental psychedelic pop shoegaze space rock dream pop krautrock lo-fi magic psychedelic surrealism teal pop transcendental pop tropical Egypt”. No Pain in Pop will release Lemniscate on November 12.

Ty Segall – ‘Twins’

Ty Segall is a prolific gentlemen. ‘Twins’ will be his third album of sorts this year, after ‘Hair‘ with White Fence and Slaughterhouse as the Ty Segall Band (keep up at the back). Listen to ‘The Hill’ in all its Queenesque, power pop glory above. The album will be out on October 9 on Drag City.


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