12 Reasons Why Manchester’s Music Scene Is On Fire

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a load of Manchester’s best new bands in the city’s Northern Quarter. The idea was to get the lowdown on what’s arguably the most vibrant, all-encompassing and downright exciting music scene in the UK right now (note: there wasn’t a trilby or parka in sight).

Here are a few Manchester acts, including Delphic and Everything Everything, discussing the current scene.

You can read the full report in this week’s NME. But needless to say, I reckon I could happily have filled an entire magazine with words of praise about more new acts from there – such is the rate that quality new music seems to be spewing forth from every suburb and rehearsal room there at the moment.

Behind the main players referenced in the piece – by whom I mean bands like Wu Lyf, Egyptian Hip Hop, Hurts, and Everything Everything (who met at uni in Manchester, rather than actually being born there) – there’s a genuinely eclectic range of acts rising through the ranks and flooding the city.

And here’s a few more of them…

The Autonomads



Dirty North

Dutch Uncles

Eleanor Lou

Frazer King

May 68

Orphan Boy

The Heartbreaks


Young British Artists

So what’s your take on it all? Which new Manchester acts are floating your boat at present? Is this the start of a new era for the city? Leave your comments below.

Plus, read more on Wu Lyf – one of the city’s best new bands – here.

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