13 new bands who totally look like they’re in ‘The Craft’

The '90s teen witch look is big for 2017, and we reckon all of these up and coming artists have drawn heavily from cult 1996 movie 'The Craft'. Grab your spellbooks and black lace chokers and join them.


1The Craft (1996)

Take four badass high school students, a touch of black magic, some amazing 1990s outfits and what have you got? A brilliant film - and one that the latest wave of ace guitar bands are plundering for style inspo. Here they are...

2Pale Waves

Niall Lea
Manchester's Pale Waves have got a very strong Craft vibe. Frontwoman Heather is basically Fairuza Balk's Nancy - all thick black eyeliner and super gothic hair.


Muna are a Los Angeles trio who, we reckon, spend their spare time casting a whole range of spells. Entrancing stuff.

4Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr didn't used to be this goth, but we're fully on board with the LA indie group's moody makeover.

5The Big Moon

Charlotte Patmore
The marvellous four women of the Big Moon spend their time making wondrous Britpop throwback tunes and basically doing an impression of the four legends from The Craft.

6Charli XCX

Charli XCX has often spoken about her extreme love of The Craft. At the VO5 NME Awards 2017 she totally nailed the look.

7White Lung

From the 'don't fuck with us' stance to the black sunnies and the leopard print, White Lung are seriously sassy and quite possibly about to make some magic happen. OK, they're not that new. Complaints to the usual address.

8Dream Wife

The London based Dream Wife make fizzy guitar pop and their awesome girl gang vibes are enviable.

9Black Honey

In her beatnik black sweater and shades Black Honey frontwoman Izzy is channelling a serious Craft look. Where's the rest of her coven, though?

10Wolf Alice

Ellie from Wolf Alice deffo pioneered the bringing-back-The-Craft look. Just check this all-black-everything look. Spellbinding.


If you were to see Southampton's Creeper down the local seance, you wouldn't be surprised, would you?

12Skinny Girl Diet

The power of sisterhood - and snappy dressing - is strong with London punk trio Skinny Girl Diet.


Ellis Scott
Ellie from south London synthpoppers Salen is all about that jaded teen witch look. This is sorcery chic done very well indeed.

14Frances Bean Cobain

Getty Images
Ok, ok, so we know Frances Bean Cobain isn't actually in a new band, but she channels look and vibe of The Craft so well that it'd be rude to leave her out.