’13 Reasons Why’ soundrack: The perfect companion to season 2

Season 1 spoilers ahead

13 Reasons Why season 2 has arrived, picking up in the aftermath of Hannah’s death in season one as Liberty High deals with the tragedy. Following on from the use of cassette tapes in the first season, now a series of polaroid photographs start to appear and Clay and his school mates start to uncover a secret that’s been hushed up.

The accompanying soundtrack is brilliant. Boasting some of the hottest new acts around (YUNGBLUD, Billie Eilish), pop heavyweights (exec producer Selena Gomez) and stone-cold legends (New Order, Tears For Fears), it’s total mixed bag. As you binge the series, here are our picks of the tracks you have to hear on the soundtrack.

The best for… driving with the windows down

New Order – ‘Love Vigilantes’


Never has a harmonica sounded so good as it does on ‘Love Vigilantes’. The synth-led, anti-war tune sounds just as good now as it did when released in 1985; and will 100% now be on a wave of teens’ “Roadtrip 2018” playlists.

The best for… strutting past your ex in the school corridor

Years & Years – ‘Sanctify’

We already knew this was an absolute bop. The first track from the pop trio’s second album ‘Palo Santo’ is a sultry slice of Britney Spears darkpop; meaning a) you’ll probably listen to it on repeat this summer and b) it’ll fit perfectly with the teen drama.

The best for… smashing tinnies at a house party

YUNGBLUD – ‘Tin Pan Boy’

With dirty riffs and political lyrics, YUNGBLUD’s ‘Tin Pan Boy’ was written to soundtrack the show. This is one of two appearances he has on the soundtrack, and it’s an anthem.

The best for… teenage rebellion

The Alarm – ‘Strength’


The highschoolers in 13 Reasons Why weren’t even born when The Alarm first released this in the ’80s; but the soaring melody, driving guitars and impassioned lyrics that made it a teenage anthem then are just as powerful now.

The best for… your first heartbreak

Billie Eilish & Khalid – ‘lovely’

With its lush strings and interweaving vocals, this sizzling duet is properly gorgeous. The masterfully written balled is completed with heart-wrenching crescendos and trickling piano lines, and is totally, ahem, lovely.

The full tracklist for the soundtrack is:

Selena Gomez – ‘Back to You’

Billie Eilish & Khalid – ‘lovely’

OneRepublic feat. Logic – ‘Start Again’

YUNGBLUD feat. Charlotte Lawrence –  ‘Falling Skies’

Lord Huron feat. Phoebe Bridgers – ‘The Night We Met’

Parade of Lights – ‘Tangled Up’

Colouring – ‘Time’

Leon Else – ‘My Kind Of Love’

HAERTS – ‘Your Love’

New Order – ‘Love Vigilantes’

Echo & The Bunnymen – ‘The Killing Moon’

Human Touch – ‘Promise Not To Fall’

Years & Years – ‘Sanctify’

YUNGBLUD – ‘Tin Pan Boy’

Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark – ‘Souvenir’

Tears For Fears – ‘Watch Me Bleed’

Siouxsie And The Banshees – ‘Cities In Dust’

Gus Dapperton – ‘Of Lacking Spectacle’

Telekinesis – ‘Falling (In Dreams)’

The Alarm – ‘Strength’