Hiding in plain sight: 13 secret messages in classic album art

Have you shone a torch against your 'Blackstar' vinyl gatefold sleeve yet?

Lana Del Rey has confirmed that the artworks for her four albums are linked and tell a story. The fan theory has circulated around the nether regions of the internet and now the superstar had put paid to the whisperings. :”That’s all true,” she said in her NME cover interview. “That truck [on the cover of ‘Lust For Life’] is the same make and model as ‘Born To Die’. The Mercedes [on the cover of ‘Ultraviolence’] is my own. Being on the road or having a destination was a big part of the songs.”

There’s a long tradition of artists using their album art to convey hidden messages, Easter eggs for diehard fans to pick up on. Here are 13 of the most fiendishly clever.