Rick Grimes Is Going To Die And 12 Other Things We Learned From This AMA With ‘The Walking Dead’ Creator

Robert Kirkman, one of the creators of The Walking Dead comic and TV show, took part in a Reddit AMA session yesterday (May 17). He was taking questions from fans about his new TV show, Outcast, a story of supernatural possession adapted from his comic series of the same name. But an expected avalanche of questions from fans of The Walking Dead also piled in, mainly focussing on the controversial cliffhanger ending to season six of the show. Here’s what we learnt from his responses.

1. Robert Kirkman’s favourite character is Carl

One fan asked for his favourite character on the show and he replied, “I don’t play favorites. They all die eventually.


Carl. The annoying kid.

2. Rick Grimes is going to die

“Do Rick die?” asked one fan. “He do eventually,” replied Robert.


This could be a bit of trolling – everyone dies eventually, after all – but The Walking Dead’s reputation for killing off major character almost rivals that of Game of Thrones, so never say never.

3. Robert Kirkman himself was an unseen character in the show

That’s because early on in the show, you see Carl wearing a t-shirt branded with Science Dog – one of Kirkman’s other comics. A fan pointed this out, asking if Kirkman therefore exists in the show, and he replied, “For a little while I did… but I died very quickly.”

4. The Walking Dead won’t end for “a long, LOOOOOONG time”

He wouldn’t say exactly, but fans think he’s planning to get to 300 editions – currently we’re on issue 154, and the show’s caught up to issue 100 (although with significant variations on characters and plot).

5. His son is a pro Monopoly player…

Might seem random, but we like to think the following response reveals something about Kirkman’s brutal streak. “My 10 year old son slaughters my whole family at monopoly all the time,” he wrote after a fan asked him his favourite board game. “It’s ridiculous. He knows all the rents of all the properties by heart and knows which space you’re on before you count it out. It’s annoying. I hate Monopoly. What was the question.”

6. Andrew Lincoln smells like pumpkin pie

Yes, a fan wanted to know what Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) smells like. “He smells like everything you want out of life” was Kirkman’s jokey response, “which for me is pumkin [sic] pie. He’s a human being that smells like pumkin pie. He’s not safe around me.”

7. He prefers Negan to the Governor

“I loved the Governor but y’know… [Negan’s] so fun.”

8. He stands by the ending to Season Six

One comic-loving fan explained why he hated the finale so much, and asked what was actually up with it. “A lot of what you seem to hate about the [season six] finale are your assumptions of how season 7 will start,” replied Kirkman. “I assure you [the death] will [have an impact]. You’re welcome to be unhappy with the episode that aired. Was it a misstep? Maybe. Only time will tell.” He denied it was a ‘ratings grab’, and assured fans that they weren’t being considered ‘immature’ by the showrunners if they were unhappy. Diplomatic.

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The same fan asked “Whose idea was the shitty Goldeneye 64 blood running down the screen after beating the cameraman to death?” Good question. Kirkman asnswered, “[Writer and producer] Scott Gimple is a huge Goldeneye fan and is angry that you called the game ‘shitty’.”

9. He loves the hilarious (and rancid) cartoon Rick And Morty

Suggesting an alternative to The Walking Dead for bitter fans, he suggested they watch sci-fi animation Rick and Morty, which he called “the BEST THING BEING MADE THESE DAYS.” This is true, but here’s an idea of what you’ll be getting into if you start watching it:




10. His new series is very scary

It’s a supernatural mystery show called Outcast in which the main character is afflicted with some kind of curse – people around him are possessed by demons. He says it’s “VERY scary… I watch it and I’m thinking ‘that turned out well or ‘I like how they staged that’ or ‘That actor is really kicking ass.’ But other people who have seen it say it’s terrifying. So I’ll take their word for it. It’s scary.” See a trailer below:

11. He wishes the comic version of Carol was as cool as the show’s version

In the comics, Carol dies at the prison after giving herself to a zombie, heartbroken by Tyreese (yeah, she has a relationship with Tyreese in the comics too). In the series, she’s still alive, and is one of the group’s most practical and efficient characters. She kicks ass.

When asked about who he regretted killing, he said, “I don’t regret any deaths but I do miss Tyreese… and Axel… and Ezekiel… and… y’know… a lot of them. I wish I’d done ANYTHING with Carol as cool as what we’ve done in the show.”

12. Carl might be at the other end of Negan’s bat

A fan asked him to spoil a plot point, to which he responded “What spoiler are you talking about? I don’t know what spoiler you’re mentioning here. I really don’t like to spoil things at random on things like that. Negan killed Carl?”

The next fan’s response? “FINALLY. Fuck Carl”.


13. He has a good sense of humour

The above point is probably just a bit of trolling from Kirkman. One fan asked, “How much do you enjoy messing with your fans by giving misleading answers in interviews? You must be aware that it drives people nuts?” Kirkman’s reply: “11”.

Another fan said, “you told me to ‘fuck off Nerd’” at a convention. Kirkman’s reply: “I promise this never happened. Now fuck off, Nerd.”

Another asked if he was disappointed at the lack of questions about his new series, Outcast. “Not at all. There have been plenty! TWD has been around far longer, I understand people wanting to ask questions about that series and that awesome cliffhanger.” Touché, Rob, touché.