The best debut albums of 2018… so far

This year is already bursting with classic-in-the-making debut albums, and we're still only nine months through 2018. Here are 20 of the best.

From Novelist nodding towards the borough of Lewisham on his first full-length ‘Novelist Guy’, to Goat Girl and Shame spitting venom straight from south of the river, much of 2018 has been dominated by Londoners with an SE postcode. Beyond sharing the same local council, though, these bands couldn’t be any more varied, as as a whole this year has been more genre-blurring than ever.

Whether it’s Kali Uchis blurring the linguistic lines between English and Spanish, The Magic Gang bringing back barbershop sing-alongs, or Soccer Mommy combining some of the fiercest songwriting talent about with a strange, off-kilter handle on wit, the one thing all these debuts have in common is unpredictability.

As the year reaches its close, here are some of the very best debut albums leading the way in 2018.