15 Of The Best Muppets And Sesame Street Song Parodies, From Adele To Eminem

The Muppets and Sesame Street gang have always been a musical bunch, inviting the likes of Johnny Cash, Blondie, Alice Cooper and will.i.am to the puppet party. They have their own band, Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, and in the 2011 movie The Muppets, Fozzie Bear’s Reno tribute act The Moopets briefly featured Dave Grohl behind the drumkit (Animal had to attend anger management classes). They also liketackling classic tunes, as witnessed recently when Miss Piggy’s take on a new favourite was unveiled. And that’s where our rundown of the best parodies starts…

1. ‘Hello’
Let’s start with this the, shall we? Miss Piggy tackles Adele’s worldwide smash by surprise, surprise,ringing up old flame Kermit. It seems the flame will never burn out, a bit like Adele and her ex eh?

2. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
The legendary Queen promo from 1975 is ably tackled by an ensemble cast, firstly by Gonzo and a few chickens before Animal gets a bit stuck. Great work from Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, and stellar cameos from the likes of Beaker and Statler and Waldorf.


3. ‘Jungle Boogie’
Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem run through Kool And The Gang’s 1973 funk classic, with a surprisingturn from Sam The Eagle, who despite being initially horrified, eventually gets funky. However, there’s a surprising twist…

4. ‘Hot N Cold’
Katy Perry is joined by Elmo for a run through her 2008 single, where she attempts to get her little pal to “play dress up”. However, this clip proved controversial as the pop queen was deemed to be wearing an outfit that was a little too racy for kids TV. Elmo didn’t seem to be swayed by her wardrobe choice, as he keeps running away.

5. ‘Stand By Me’
Big Mean Carl ignores the sentiment of the Ben E King classic by, erm, eating all his furry bunny friends. This is liable to give kids nightmares.

7. ‘Ode To Joy’
The hapless Beaker performs his unique version of the Beethoven piece from his 9th symphony. The split-screen performance sees him use a variety of instruments and replace every lyric with “mee-mee”ing. And, of course, disaster eventually ensues.

8&9. ‘Habanera!’
Beaker is joined by theSwedish chef and Animal for this unique take on the famous aria from the opera ‘Carmen’. No idea why the chef eats Beaker at the end though.

We also see an orange singing it on ‘Sesame Street’.

10. James Blunt ‘My Triangle’
The singer’s geometric take on his 2005 worldwide smash ‘You’re Beautiful’ was educational, funny and certainly miles better than song it was based on.


11. Fiest ‘1234’
The Canadian singer reworks her tune to encourage kids to count, with help from monsters, penguins and chickens, Bless.

12. Norah Jones ‘Don’t Know Y’
Norah is joined by a very cute Elmo on a reworked version of ‘Don’t Know Why’ from her 2002 Grammy-winning album ‘Come Away With Me’.

There’s plenty of official versions, then – but there are also some pretty well-made fan cuts out there. We’ve chosen three:
1. ‘Blurred Lines’
This has been put together by a fan with way too much time on his hands, but Kermit, Miss Piggy and Grover star in this very well put-together parody of the infamous Robin Thicke video.

2. ‘Get Lucky’
Like ‘Blurred Lines’, a bit of a cheat as this has been cribbed together from old footage by someone who clearly doesn’t have a job. There a re a few online, but this is the best one. We’re sure Daft Punk would approve.

3. ‘My Name Is’
Eminem’s breakthrough hit here paints Kermit and Scooter as genii of rap. The lip syncing isn’t quite there but it’s still a great effort from aptly-named YouTube channel ‘isthishowyougoviral’.