16 Of The Most Rock’n’Roll Dogs In The Business

Life as a rockstar can be lonely. It can be hard to know who your real friends are, and explaining why you don’t want to hang out with friends after months of touring is a difficult conversation. But if there’s one species who will love you unconditionally, it’s the humble pooch. Some artists are so wedded to their dogs they’ll invite them to press events like Carrie Fisher, or threaten to send in the SAS to get them back after a messy divorce, like Liam Gallagher. Everyone knows dogs are little badasses. So in honour of National Dog Day, here are 16 of the most rock’n’roll dogs in the business.

Paul McCartney and Martha

Paul McCartney loved his Old English sheepdog Martha so much he dedicated a song to her. ‘Martha My Dear’, taken from the ‘White Album’ was probably inspired by his love interest Jane Asher, who broke off their engagement in 1968. Luckily for McCartney, he had a lot of fur and a waggy tail to pour his sorrows into.


Robert Plant and Strider

Name taken from Aragorn’s alias in Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings series, Strider was a Merle Border Collie and canine soul mate of Robert Plant. The Led Zeppelin track ‘Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp’ captures the loveliness of taking Strider for a walk.

Gavin Rossdale and Winston

Hungarian sheepdog Winston lived to almost 17, and left Rossdale bereft when he died in 2004. He accompanied Gwen Stefani down the aisle upon their marriage in 2002. Winston appears on the back of the CD booklet of Bush’s debut album ‘Sixteen Stone’, jumping in the air. Rossdale still wishes Winston a happy birthday every year and believes #hungariansheepdogsrule.


Lady Gaga and Asia and Koji

Lady Gaga LOVES her French bulldogs Asia and Koji. They’re veritable social media stars in their own right, with a wicked dress sense. Asia joined Little Monsters HQ in 2014, with Koji, Asia’s ‘brother’, joining a year later. Asia even has her own Instagram account, which you can follow @missasiakinney. You better believe that’s a verified account.

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you used to call me on my cellphone… @missasiakinney ❤

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Adele and Louie

Berlin / Mercedes-Benz Arena / May 7

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Louie is a ridiculously cute little dachshund who Adele has previously referred to as “the love of my life”. He’s cool with the roadies because he hangs out backstage so much. She once brought him into a radio studio to do an interview for ‘21’, but told the radio staff they couldn’t clap or talk to loud or it might upset him. Proper diva that boy.

David Brent and Nelson

“Great man, great dog.”

Plus: here’s a pic of Ricky Gervais cuddling a puppy for National Dog Day just because.

Barack Obama and Bo

Obama is a rock star. So is Bo, who is so cool he stole his name from POTUS’s initials. The Portuguese water dog is otherwise known as First Dog, and wears a black and white tuxedo to work every day. In 2009, he won the Teen Choice Awards’ prize for Choice Celebrity Pet. He’s the kind of guy you’d want working on your campaign.

Happy #NationalPetDay.

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Miley Cyrus and Floyd and Mary Jane and Barbie

Miley Cyrus’s Alaskan Klee Kai Floyd tragically passed away back in 2014, seemingly out of the blue. As part of her grieving process, she had a giant inflatable dog appear onstage at her Bangerz tour. She sang to the replica, breaking down in tears. Cyrus commemorated his death with a fun party a year later. She’s now found new love in Mary Jane, a pit bull, and Barbie, a rescued Beagle. Barbie is a Flaming Lips fan, FYI.

Flaming Puppy!!! @waynecoyne5 @stevendrozd @katyweaver @beaglefreedom

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Liam Gallagher and Ruby Tuesday and Brigitte Bardot

When he’s not pelting Jamie Oliver with rocks, or calling his brother a potato, Liam CAN be a softy, deep, deep down. He showed his mushy side through his love for Ruby Tuesday and Brigitte Bardot, the sausage dogs he shared with ex-wife Nicole Appleton. In 2013, Gallagher told NME that “them little fuckers man, they are bossy. Fucking food, water… clean that shit up, take me for a walk, wipe my fucking arse!” However, such annoyance should not be misconstrued as disdain for the little fuckers. In 2009, it was revealed that Gallagher and Appleton actually called their dogs when they were out of the country, and wished Ruby good luck for a ‘Pup Idol’ competition she entered at just 18 months old. She didn’t win. When the pair split in 2013, sources stated that he missed the dogs so much, he joked about calling mates in the SAS to steal the dogs back from Appleton.

Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed and Lolabelle

Laurie Anderson’s documentary ‘Heart of a Dog’ was released in 2015, and proved a moving memoir, as well as a dedication to her late husband, Lou Reed, who died in 2013. The heart and subject of the film was the couple’s talented rat terrier Lolabelle, who died the same year as Reed, and was trained to play the piano after going blind.

Carrie Fisher and Gary

This dog has been to more premieres than you. Gary the French bulldog accompanies Carrie Fisher everywhere, and he’s chill AF. He can’t keep his tongue in his mouth. He loves tea and scones. He held up a panel because his cushion wasn’t soft enough. He’s a beautiful sassypants and will forever have more Instagram followers than you.

Mark Hamill and Millie

This is Gary’s space sibling, Millie. She’s a mix of chihuahua, dachshund, spaniel and shih tzu, and loves getting pampered in her trailer. Like Gary, the force is strong with Millie Hamill.

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