8 things we’d like to leave in 2016

Here's hoping 2017 is miles better than these last 12 months

Look where 2016 got us. Not even counting the amount of icons we lost, there was Trump, who we hoped wouldn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office. And how about X Factor, which surely should be put out of its misery soon? Instead, Simon Cowell responded with Honey G. Without tempting fate, here are the things we’d be very happy to see the back of in 2017.

The mannequin challenge

As this year’s answer to the Harlem Shake, the mannequin challenge did require a little more skill than its predecessor, granted. Yet it was spectacularly ruined by cringeworthy efforts from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and basically any other celebrity going. Even being largely soundtracked by Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles’ couldn’t save it from stopping 2016 in its tracks for all the wrong reasons.


Originating in Atlanta’s hip-hop scene and since used by musicians and in sports stars’ victory celebrations worldwide, the dab has become the least attractive dance move of 2016. Not suitable for award ceremonies, weddings or any other occasion, please keep it in the nightclubs it graced this year.


Britain ends the year with big European custard pie all over its face. But we get it, let’s move on or at least give this shambles a more serious name that doesn’t sound like a failed breakfast cereal.

‘One Dance’

We end the year wishing we’d only had one chance to listen to ‘One Dance’. Drake’s track reached over one billion Spotify streams and became the most overplayed track of a torrid year but still manages to be one of the brightest shining tracks from ‘Views’.

Fake news

Things weren’t always as they seemed in 2016, thanks to the ridiculous amount of fake news circulating. Facebook was found to be housing porky-pie news on its social media platform and with stories like this one about Denzel Washington supporting Trump doing the rounds on faux websites, there’s no surprise that some people’s heads may have been turned.

Pokémon Go

It was cool when it dropped, but, after the game spread like wildfire and users rekindled their childhood, Pokémon Go-ers were merely another distraction on the roads. The app-store went ballistic and the best Pokémon masters began to sell their accounts for actual real money. Others gave up gracefully after only catching Rattatas for a fortnight, and rightly so. Pokémon Go, we chose you for this year but please crawl back into your Poké Ball for 2017.

Bake Off

When it was announced halfway through this year’s series that The Great British Bake Off would be switching channels, cake enthusiasts went into a sweet, sweet, sugary meltdown. Then Paul Hollywood went and stuck the knife in even further and kept his fingers firmly in the Bake Off pie, confirming he would stay on as Mary, Mel and Sue fled the sinking ship. Sod off, Bake Off.

Robbie Williams’ inappropriateness

We love Robbie, but he really does have no shame. This year the poster has revealed anecdotes about a fan “wanking” him off and claimed that he’s slept with the majority of the Spice Girls, all on the back of a ludicrous album. Latest album ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show’ features lyrics including “I’m hung like a dolphin” and a song about his baby son called ‘Motherfucker’. We’ve come to expect almost anything from the singer, but now might be time to grow up.