20 Photos To Remember Visionary Genius David Bowie By

Following the heartbreaking news that visionary genius David Bowie has died at the age of 69, just days after the release of his brilliant, forward-thinking 25th album ‘Blackstar’, here’s a compilation of our favourite Bowie photos. Rest in peace, Starman.

  1.    Family-Man Bowie

  2. With son Duncan Jones, who grew up to be the acclaimed director of movies Moon and Source Code. Photo: Redferns


  3.    Bouffant Bowie

  4. Posing with the model Twiggy for the cover of the ‘Pin Ups’ album, 1973. Photo: Hulton Archive

  5.    Boozy Bowie
  6. bowie
    Pouring a drink in London, 1966. Photo: Getty

  7.    Folky Bowie
  8. bowie
    Posing with an unnamed model for Boyfriend magazine, Kingly Street, London, 1963. Photo: Redferns


  9.    Cross-Legged Bowie
  10. bowie
    At home in Beckenham, April 1972. Photo: Getty

  11.    Kung-Fu Bowie

  12. Onstage at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, 1977. Photo: Getty

  13.    Rock Royalty Bowie
  14. bowie
    Watching Live Aid at Wembley Stadium with Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen, July 13, 1985. Also in shot: Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Bob Geldof. Photo: Getty

  15.    Public Transport Bowie
  16. bowie
    Seen off at the station by wife Angie, July 9, 1973. Photo: Getty

  17.    Hippy Bowie
  18. bowie
    At a party thrown by publicist Rodney Bingenheimer at lawyer Paul Figen’s house, Los Angeles, 1971. Photo: Getty

  19.    Sharp-Suited Bowie
  20. bowie
    With Paul McCartney, backstage at Live Aid, 1985. Photo: Getty

  21.    High-Rolling Bowie
  22. bowie
    Posing beside his Rolls-Royce, London, May 1973. Photo: PA

  23.    Art-Pop Bowie
  24. bowie
    Onstage with Anne Lennox, April 1992

  25.    Coked-Up Bowie
  26. bowie
    With wife Angie, arriving at London’s Cafe Royal for the ‘Ziggy Stardust’… end-of-tour party. Photo: PA

  27.    Nice Guy Bowie
  28. bowie
    With Debbie Harry of Blondie, November 1980. Bowie was starring in a theatrical production of The Elephant Man at the time.

  29.    Sax-Playing Bowie
  30. bowie
    Onstage with Tin Machine at London’s Brixton Academy, November 1991. Photo: PA

  31.    90s Bowie
  32. bowie
    Onstage in January 1990. Photo: PA

  33.    Off-The-Rails Bowie
  34. bowie
    The ‘Victoria Station’ incident. Bowie came under fire after appearing to give a Nazi salute upon returning home after the ‘Station To Station’ tour, 1976. Photo: PA

  35.    Fresh-Faced Bowie
  36. bowie
    February 1970, a time of great excitement – he’d recently had his first hit, with ‘Space Oddity’, and was about to get married. Photo: PA

  37.    Alt-Rock Bowie
  38. bowie
    At the Brit Awards, February 1999. He released his twenty-first studio album ‘Hours…’ a few months later. Photo: PA

  39.    Naughty Bowie
  40. bowie
    With Angie in London, 1974. Photo: PA