The 2017 band reunions you didn’t notice had happened

These bands decided to give it another go, in case you hadn't noticed

In terms of triumphant comebacks, save for the sudden rise in Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity, 2017 has been short of standout moments. Arty, cash-burning provocateurs The KLF decided to come back, although they’ve yet to release any new music. Pop purists had plenty to enjoy with the return of Steps and Bananarama. But in terms of game-changing bands deciding to give it another go, there’s been little to write home about. Or in the case of the below, some bands who’d been entirely erased from the collective conscience opted for a reunion. Why are they back? What are they doing here? Will they go away again? All important questions raised by these bands:

Towers of London

Who? Short-lived pin-ups of shabby-haired, skinny-jeaned Shoreditch rock ‘n roll. Frontman Donny Tourette lasted just 48 hours in the Celebrity Big Brother house – his finest moment.

When did they split? They didn’t officially split, but things went quiet in 2009 after they cancelled a series of shows.

Why are they back? They’re releasing comeback single ‘Shot in the Dark’ – a title which doubles as an apt descriptor for their ‘Fuck it, why not?’ approach to this reunion. Two comeback shows are scheduled in Manchester and London. A quick browse of the Facebook comments suggests there hasn’t been a surge in excitement. “I always thought they were a joke band, like Spinal Tap,” reads one.  

The Dead 60s

Who? For a brief moment in the midst of landfill indie, ragged ska punk became cool again. These Liverpool lads shortly rode the scene’s coattails, releasing a decent self-titled debut album in 2005, but demand fell short soon after.

When did they split? In 2008, shortly after releasing poorly-received second album ‘Time To Take Sides’, which should have been called ‘Time to Part Ways’.

Why are they back? Technically, they’re not. After announcing their comeback in late 2016, they cancelled what would have been their first gigs in almost a decade, citing “personal commitments.”


Who? A big-mouthed, lairy bunch briefly tipped to be world-beaters. They hit the cover of NME’s 2011 new music issue, and debut ‘Famous First Words’ made the top 40.

When did they split? On 1st April 2012, a move fans first mistook for an April Fool’s joke.

Why are they back? In the early days, they told NME: “People might think we’re arrogant, but it’s just belief. We know how amazing we are. And soon everyone else will.” They’re clearly here for unfinished business, sharing new single ‘Womankind’ and announcing a show at London Garage for 30th November.

Bucks Fizz

Bucks Fizz

Who? In 1981, they won the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Making Your Mind Up’. Only one UK entry has achieved the same feat since. But times have changed, and the magic of their infamous skirt rips has faded.

When did they split? It’s complicated. In 1996, Mike Nolan left the group and was replaced by David Van Day, who quit after a gig in the Falkland Islands (obviously). Van Day, clearly on a mad one, decided to form a new hybrid of Bucks Fizz, while trying to claim copyright on the name. After an injunction, they were forced to call themselves “Bucks Fizz starring Mike Nolan and featuring David Van Day” (catchy, right?). While this feud played out, the original members – Bobby G, Heidi Manton, Tammy Choat and Paul Yates – kept on going strong.

Why are they back? They technically never left, but in 2017 they returned with comeback single ‘Dancing in the Rain’. They also renamed themselves The Fizz. Have some of that, Van Day.