The Labour party have made a playlist about trains and it’s absolutely banging

Getting you 'Back on Track'

Yesterday, as the first working day of the year, saw the annual train fare price hike. On average train prices rose by 3.4%, which is the biggest increase in the last five years.

And as pickets sprung up across the country, the Labour party were incredibly vocal about their opposition to the rise in fees.

They even went so far to make a ‘Back on Track’ playlist if you were “Suffering from Tory train pain”. And the playlist is bloody brilliant.

The description explains: “Rail fares going up by 3.4% is enough to give anyone the back to work blues.” Adding: “Luckily, we’ve handpicked 20 songs to take you from rail fail to rail fabulous. So until you can tune out of this Tory Government, tune into this.”

Featuring absolute bangers like Black Box’s ‘Ride On Time’ and Kanye’s ‘Homecoming’, to pop gems like Kylie’s ‘Locomotion’ and the best Girls Aloud song ‘Sound of the Underground’, people are absolutely loving it.

Like, really, really loving it:

Don’t believe how great it is? Listen to the whole thing here and decide for yourself.

Your move T-May, we expect to here your mixtape to accompany running through fields of wheat next week.