10 of Pete Doherty’s best lyrics

Here's 10 of The Libertines frontman's lyrical masterpieces

It doesn’t look like Pete Doherty will ever live life outside of the fast lane. Over the years, the outspoken likely lad has kept us entertained with his candid, heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics – either as a solo-artist, or as a member of The Libertines and Babyshambles. To celebrate the man, here’s ten of his best lyrics – from the catchy-as-fuck to the bold and ballsy.

1. ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ – The Libertines

Is it cruel or kind not to speak my mind and to lie to you rather than hurt you?” 

2. ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ – The Libertines


Cornered the boy kicked out at the world / The world kicked back a lot fuckin’ harder now

3. ‘Fuck Forever’ – Babyshambles

So what’s the use between death and glory / I can’t tell between death and glory / New Labour and Tory / Purgatory and happy families

4. Albion – Babyshambles

Talk over Gin in teacups / And leaves on the lawn / Violence in bus stops / And the pale thin girl with eyes forlorn

4. ‘Flags From the Old Regime’ – Peter Doherty


The fame they stoned you with / You soldiered it and made your fortune but you broke inside

5. ‘Campaign Of Hate’ – The Libertines

Poor kids dressing like they’re rich (Mods) / Rich kids dressing like they’re poor (oh my god)

6. ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ – The Libertines

Don’t look back into the sun  / You’ve cast your plans but you’re on the run and all the lies you said / Who did you save?

7. ‘1939 Returning’ – Peter Doherty

Captured Clandestine/ Crawled into the light / Knew he was in for a shoe-in / Just wasn’t to be his night.” 

8. ‘Hell To Pay At The Gates Of Heaven’ – Peter Doherty 


The only way out of the dustbowl or the farm for thee/ Join a band or join the army / It’s a hell of a kickback from the grind / Kick back and blow your tiny mind. 

9. ‘Broken Love Song’  – Peter Doherty

Every morning I’ll be singing like a caged bird who might say/ John, Paul, George and Ringo / Help me pass the hours away. 

10. ‘Sticks And Stones’ – Babyshambles

 Now here’s a tale/ Tale I will tell/ Bloodlust, theft and no sweet love/ And a many, many things I do so well.

Words: Chanelle Field  


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