Drenge channel Royal Blood and aim for wedding dances on comeback bop ‘This Dance’

The boys are back

Three years after new music from Drenge, they’re back with a big, confident bang. ‘This Dance’ has been circling within the fanbase for a while, via unmarked CDs available at their ‘Grand Reopening Tour’, but now it’s out in the wider world, and it’s the most accessible thing the band have done – their idea of a tune ready for a wedding disco.

Frontman Eoin Loveless says “we went to a wedding, and like all weddings, we ended up on the dance floor, belting out ’80s chart hits like we were on the barrier at a Slayer concert. Our arms and legs collided with each other’s, with our friends and with complete strangers. Dance like nobody’s watching and then hope they don’t call the police.”

Opening with a good bit of distortion, ‘This Dance’ soon explodes into a heavy chorus, bursting with fizzing guitar, while Rory Loveless punches a powerful, Royal Blood-like drum beat – interesting, as the band once said that Royal Blood were ‘way too poppy’.

In fact, pop is something they’ve embraced with this track. Produced with longtime collaborator Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A, The Fall), Eoin Loveless’ often muted vocals blend into the track, guitars enveloping around them. What makes this return to music different, however, is the indier vibe they’ve introduced to their signature grungey sound – fans of The Vaccines might approve.

The Sheffield duo made the track in a tiny bedroom, but it’s clear it was made for the festival stage – which is handy, as they headline Handmade, Deer Shed and Truck festivals this Summer

“I watched The Thing and thought about what would happen if Kurt Russell’s MacReady spent the movie fighting off the extraterrestrial organisms with tunes instead of guns. I thought about all the nightclubs I’d never be allowed to go in or would be too scared to enter. I let it manifest into the lyrics of the song, like the monsters in The Thing.”

But the answer to that initial question is… kind of. It’s danceable, but not likely to bump ‘Dancing Queen’ off the playlist at your cousin’s wedding. What they have created instead is an eruptive indie banger exploding with an Arctic Monkeys rock’n’roll edge. Here’s to more new material.


Words: Lucy Fletcher