Wanna trade? Music meets football with Bands F.C.

What 'dya get if you cross your favourite bands with a bunch of football clubs? Well...

Anybody who has attended school at any point during any football tournament ever in the history of football will know that trading cards and stickers are the epitome of greatness.  So naturally, that’s why Tim Burgess from The Charlatans decided to make an entire set of trading cards with a twist, with the help of designers Mark Liptrott and Nick Fraser. Of course they’ve titled the whole thing Bands F.C.

As our beloved and brave boys warm up and prepare to carry our nation to glory against Croatia tonight (it’s coming home, it’s coming home, etc etc), the brains behind Bands F.C have shared their entire set of cards. Incorporating everyone from Foo Fighters and Radiohead through to Saint Etienne and Caribou, the question is, which team to support.


“It’s a celebration of the exact point where bands and football bump into each other – with a nod to Panini sticker collections,” explains Nick.

“We got started with a couple of ideas then it was non stop – some designs link the band to their favourite team, others are all about design – when we did Wu-verhampton Wanderers, that was quite a moment. Others are like cryptic clues to a song or whatever. Anyway they work best in the visual form so I’ll shut up now”

Here are all of the cards below with an animation by long-time The Charlatans collaborator Chris Walker. He most recently worked with the band on four videos from their ‘Totally Eclipsing’ EP

You can find @_Bands_FC here on Twitter.



The Gunners shoot to thrill - it's AC/DC meets London club Arsenal

2Black Flag

How do you mix the iconic Black Flag logo with Juventus F.C? You slip it in

3Big Star

Who's Red Star Belgrade's biggest star? Well, it's either Richmond Boakye or this Memphis band.


Bringing the sun...sun... sun to Watford, it's new signing Dan Snaith.

5The Charlatans

South East London collides with the West Midlands as Charlton Athletic gets a makeover.

6The Cure

In the forest. Nottingham Forest, to be precise.

7Echo and the Bunnymen

You'll never walk alone; Liverpool F.C. gets an scouse takeover.


Pass the Auxerre lead, driver, I fancy listening to some Kraftwerk.


It's all things Oxford as Radiohead mash up with Thom Yorke's local footie team Oxford United


Never mind a man on the moon - next up, four blokes heading to Hull City Tigers.

11Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne, meet St. Etienne. Fun fact: the band is named after the French football club.

12Red Hot Chlili Peppers

Not content with their logo being over countless t-shirts, RHCP is taking over Bayern Munich.

13The Wailers

This one's a fitting mix; The Netherlands national team are probably wailing after failing to qualify for the World Cup.

14Beastie Boys

This Beastie Boys spin-off is a sure shot.

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