2:54, ‘Got A Hold’ – Exclusive Stream

The good news is that The Big Pink are back and they’re heading out on tour soon. The better news is that they’ve got London sister-duo 2:54 supporting them. Similarly airy and hauntingly beautiful, they’ll fit rather perfectly into the line-up.

So if you’re planning on heading down to one of The Big Pink’s shows, here’s taster of what you can expect if you show up early (which you should). You can also catch 2:54 playing a hedline show London’s Corsica Studios on Nov 9th.

They’ve already caught the attention of the musical world, with Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe telling NME:

They’re really quite special. They’re effortless, and that can’t be faked. There’s a grace and elegance alongside their brutality, like striking a knife at something and revealing a flower.

We’ve got the exclusive first listen to 2:54’s song ‘Got A Hold’ (recorded with Rob Ellis), which is one of the B-sides from their new ‘Scarlet’ EP. Check it out below, and let us know what you think of it.