28 Kittens On Album Covers

Since launching at the tail end of 2011, The Kitten Covers has delighted fans of music and cute cats alike. We thought it was high time we gathered together some of our favourite entries. All hail creator Alfra Martini, who you might like to know also co-runs the label All Hands Electric, and is singer-songwriter in the band Virginia Plain.

  1.    London Meowing

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       Houses Of The Meowy

       Kitti Hendrix

       KITXS – Lick

       Kitty Pop

       Slave To The Kitten

       Fleetwood Cat


       Elvis Purresley

       Gangsta Cat

       Purrallel Lines


       The White Strays

       Tom Kitty

       The Purr

       Catful Of Hollow

       Paw Power

       Darkness On The Edge Of Meow

       Simon And Purr-funkel

       Caturday Night Fever

       Pablo Kitten

       Catty Smith



       Kit Drake

       Cat Cobain

       Aft-Furr The Gold Rush

       Meowvin Gaye

       Mew Reed

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