2D, Noodle And… Ziggy? Gorillaz Hint That David Bowie May Be On Their New Album

So Jamie Hewlett, the artistic brains behind Gorillaz’s visual imagery, caused a bit of a stir whilst you were hungover on your sofa yesterday by posting a very interesting image to his Instagram account. Behold:

Bad David

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Entitled “Bad David”, it’s an image of ‘Ziggy Stardust’-era Bowie that’s been Gorillaz-ised: cartoonish eyes, evil grin, additional pirate adornments.

“That’s nice,” we hear you thinking, “but how does that affect my Monday?” Well, I’m glad you asked – context is a valuable tool, so let’s apply it here: Gorillaz – i.e. Damon Albarn – are currently recording their “really fast” and “energetic” new album, which has led Hewlett to recently declare that “2016 is going to be Gorillaz all year.”

This, in tandem with Bowie’s current activity (he releases ‘★’ [that’s ‘Blackstar’ to you and me] next month), has led Gorillaz and Bowie devotees to put two and two together. Naturally, social media reaction has fluctuated between the hyperbolic (“If Gorillaz collabs with Bowie I will straight up overdose on emotions in the best way“) to the skeptical (“Collaborations don’t work. Just ask FFS [Franz Ferdinand and Sparks]”), but the general consensus is that a AlbarnxBowie collaboration could do the world a lot of good in 2016.

So: watch this space, essentially – but for now, enjoy this video of Bowie and Albarn performing the former’s ‘Fashion’ in 2003 on French TV.