30 Seconds To Greatness: Craig David

As part of our #LifeHacks project, NME and the University of Salford are asking prominent figures from the creative industries to give an insight into their career journeys.

Each ’30 Seconds To Greatness’ video features a bitesize piece of advice, or a lesson learned, from someone who has made it to the top in music, fashion, film, tech, and other creative industries.

This time, our words of wisdom come from the one and only Craig David, who is preparing to release his seventh album ‘The Time Is Now’ on January 26. It’s already produced the hit singles ‘I Know You’, a collaboration with Bastille, and ‘Heartline’.


His advice emphasises the importance of following your intuition, and pursuing the thing that you’re really passionate about.

“Even if it becomes a hobby, and it may not be your main job, just still do that because it’s always going to be inside of you, and it will balance everything else that’s going on in your life,” he says. “Go with your gut feeling.”

Watch Craig’s advice video above.

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