3OH!3 – On Tour With Katy Perry

Hi, Nat from 3OH!3 here (that’s me on the bottom). Welcome to our European tour blog.

February 18

I came over early just before this tour started and I have achieved a life goal. I saw Audrey Tautou in the streets of Paris! I pretended to be checking my voicemail for a bit to get a better look – SUPER SMOOTH. It was her.

Pic: Peter Hill

I’ve been coming to Paris for the last eight years pretty much solely for that. Just postin’ up on streetcorners. Not a creeper at all. Well my work here is done – Sweden here I come – I’m gonna be scoping your babes and fake checking my voicemail all over your streets, baby!

February 20

I got to Stockholm! I have been wanting to visit Sweden forever, I’ve been really enamored with this place for a long time. It’s amazing – everyone smiles and is helpful and drives a Volvo. I’m in heaven!

I don’t know if it is my predisposition towards really liking all things Swedish, but it really seems like people have a tighter sense of community here. Already everyone is so nice and courteous and smiling. Everyday interactions are conducted with cheer and politeness – it’s really incredible and welcoming. People are nice, beautiful and the city is awesome.

Pic: Peter Hill

We all arrived for the start of tour early so we went out and met up with the Katy Perry dudes who were staying on the other side of town. We went out to dinner & walked around the old city, which is really beautiful. It was cold and snowing but we walked around a bunch and no one was complaining.

Eventually we crashed out and got some sleep. Our tour manager and driver, Courtney and Peter, got in during the night, and the next morning we headed to the venue (Nalen) early. The place is amazing – like this old-style ballroom with a grand hallway entrance. We went and walked around the old city again. We got back to the venue, and eventually got soundchecked and everything.

It was good to see Katy Perry and her crew again. The show was awesome – it’s a little strange for us to open, because we’ve never done a tour as a support act, but it went really well – better than I would ever have expected. People were jumping up and down and some even knew the words to ‘Don’t Trust Me’. Crazy.

Some kids came all the way from Finland – a two-day trek – just to see us play. Amazing. We had to leave soon after we played, because the drive to Copenhagen is really long, and the roads were horrendous. We drove to our hotel (a couple hours outside of Stockholm) and crashed out.

February 26

Manchester last night and it was off the fucking CHAINS! Massive crowd and we had so much fun. Now we are at the Sennheiser UK offices trying to get our wireless mics fixed. They’ve seen a little too much rock and roll. From tonight, we have 3 shows at KOKO, London over 2 days. Club NME on Friday night, we will be onstage around midnight so come and party!