4 Reasons Not to Watch Deadpool with Your Mum – With Star Ed Skrein

London-born actor Ed Skrein has been called a lot of things, but “Posh Spice” is a first. In fact, this comparison to Victoria Beckham is perhaps the only safe-for-work insult you’ll hear in Deadpool, the world’s sweariest, rudest and raunchiest superhero movie that sees Ryan Reynolds don the Marvel Comics character’s red suit and Skrein filling the role of superhuman hard nut Ajax. It’s the perfect bromantic date movie, but not so much one for the old dear. Let Ed explain why…

The insults get personal
Example: “You big chrome cock-gobbler!” – Deadpool [Ryan Reynolds] to Colossus
Ed says: “Jeez, there were so fucking many insults on set! It was one hilarious riot. As the only Brit in the cast, my accent stood out like a sore thumb and Ryan [Reynolds] kept taking the piss. The scene where he calls me “Posh Spice” was totally ad-libbed. Obviously that cut made the trailer, but I’m not sure if that’s the take they went with in the final film – they could’ve used David Beckham, Harry Styles or any of the other insults Ryan hurled at me instead. There was some fantastic Brit bashing, and I loved it.”

The swears get serious
Example: “You look like Freddie Krueger face-fucked a topographical map of Utah” – Weasel (TJ Miller)
Ed says: “Tim [Miller, director] and I were having a giggle, and decided to make it our mission get me saying c*nt in the film. When you hear the word c*nt in an English accent, somehow it’s so harsh. There were a few moments where we thought, “This is it! This is our c*nt moment!” but try as hard as we did, we never managed it. In all honestly it didn’t quite fit. Fox will probably be over the moon about that.”

Things get real raunchy
Example: When things get steamy in a very naked strip club
Ed says: “Oh, you can expect a lot of sex. There are some sex scenes in the movie unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Because it’s Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin, and they’re both beautiful people with great bodies, it’s always going to be raunchy, but it’s very, er, let’s say ‘creative’. It’s not gratuitous for the sake if it though, it’s a part of the story and done in a very unique way.”

There will be blood
Example: The gory slow-mo of three bad guys’ heads exploding in succession
Ed says: “The first fight that I have with Deadpool is definitely my favourite. It’s my favourite fight scene I’ve ever done, actually. I had to train in a martial art called Kali Eskrina, which is a Filipino knife fighting, because I get to swing axes in each hand. It’s quite short but extremely brutal, and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Interview: Chris Sayer