5 Best Music Videos We Saw This Month

It’s been a good one for the pop promo on NME Video. There’s been strong visual returns from the likes of Spiritualized and Blood Red Shoes, plus Julia Holter’s new clip shows that her video stamp is as strong as her unique musical one. Let’s take a look at the best music videos we saw in March.

5Sharon Van Etten – ‘Leonard’
Van Etten’s face is laid over sped-up footage of street scenes and kaleidoscopic imagery. The effect is haunting and complements the subtle, disorientating heartbreak of the track perfectly.

4Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘Hysterical’
A riot of animation, paint, still photographs and ‘found footage’ courtesy of director Kris Moyes. It makes ‘Hysterical’ seems more enigmatic than it really has any right to.

3Blood Red Shoes – ‘Cold’

Or: the one where Laura-Mary Carter goes from indie shoegazer to screen siren. Shot on the streets of Paris, this clip sees our heroine wandering around the various rues, mooning over her lost lover with mix of petulance and heartbreak.

2Julia Holter – ‘Moni Mon Amie’
Love is complicated in this clip. There’s a sense of the giddy shuffle of office life coming close to a slow-brewing mental illness, Repulsion style. A video star is born.

1Spiritualized – ‘Hey Jane’

Shocking but also rather wonderful. This 10 minute-long cinematic thumper gets your attention instantly and one can’t help but be pulled into the complicated, beautifully shot narrative. Early spoiler alert: she’s definitely a man.

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