Five Genius Louis Theroux Moments

Louis Theroux’s disarmingly awkward documentary style has allowed him to burrow his way into plenty of mad and dangerous worlds, including those of neo-Nazis, prisons and America’s medicated kids – but in every documentary he does there’s always plenty of levity and humour. We’re big fans, so we’ve taken a look at five genius moments from his career thus far and put them right here in this blog. Lucky you.

1. When he gave rap a good go

In 2000 Theroux travelled to the US’ south to meet pimp-turned-rapper Mello T and to record his own bars, along with his own CD cover. Below are his best rhymes…

2. When he made an awkward porn cameo

1998 saw Theroux spending one of his ‘Weird Weekends’ examining the porn industry, giving him the opportunity to play a (non-sexual) speaking part. He’s one of the scene’s better actors.

3. When he sucked at wrestling


When Theroux examined the wrestling scene, his incessant questions upset the organisers, and he was put through the mill by the drillmaster in order to compensate.

4. When he let a ‘weaponised’ dog crunch his arm

The best reaction to Louis’ visible trepidation following the bite is from one of the guys making sure nothing goes wrong, asking if he’ll need a new pair of trousers.

5. When he saw himself in a Westboro Baptist Church member

When Louis discovers that one of the members of this hate-mongering, homophobic group used to be a “libertarian” documentary-maker himself, he’s incredulous, and spends the next few minutes agog at the man’s sudden drop in intelligence quotient. Could the same thing happen to him? Well, no, because he is not an idiot.

Bonus round: When he was an actual genius winning University Challenge

Just last Christmas Theroux and his team mates from Magdalen College, Oxford thrashed Sheffield 230-60.

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