Five Presenters Who Could Replace James Corden On ‘Carpool Karaoke’ And Make It Work

It’s official: a standalone series of Carpool Karaoke is coming to Apple Music, but without James Corden at the wheel. Though a Corden-free version of the show has definite car crash potential, we’ve rounded up five potential successors who could really drive the show forward.

James Franco

The ultimate showbiz multi-hyphenate could surely be persuaded to add “internet TV presenter” to his ridiculously varied CV. With Franco at the wheel, the show could potentially take the odd wrong turn down Esoteric Avenue, but his Hollywood connections would definitely help pull in the A-list guests.

Harry Styles

One Direction’s funniest and second-coolest (behind Zayn, obvs) member would be a decent choice if Apple Music want the new Carpool Karaoke to skew a little younger. If a Styles-driven episode managed to book Taylor Swift as a guest, it might just break the internet.

Michelle Obama

FLOTUS slayed when she guested on Corden’s Carpool Karaoke earlier this month, and come November, she’s going to have more free time on her hands. As an added bonus, Missy Elliott could be a recurring guest star.

Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver

If Apple Music are feeling adventurous, they should try to tempt back the legendary Popworld duo to make the new Carpool Karaoke a more acerbic and subversive alternative to Corden’s pally original. Potential guests unlikely to appear on this version would include Britney Spears, whom Amstell famously made cry, and Gwen Stefani, who didn’t look too pleased when she was offered a piece of cheese by the curly-haired comic on the red carpet.

Mat Horne

Now that Corden’s cracked America, why shouldn’t he give his old Gavin & Stacey mate a break? Horne is always good value in chat show interviews, and if he ever needed a week off, he could just ask Alison Steadman to step in.