5 Reasons To Be Excited About The Pulp Reunion

So The Pulp reunion finally got into full swing earlier this week via an intimate show in Toulouse. More than Blur, more than Suede, it’s got us excited. So excited that we’re pretty sure they will make the summer. Here’s five reasons why…


1) The Lyrics
So good that they even have their own Facebook page. Satirical,deeply felt and affecting, the average Pulp song has all the dramatic scope of a good novel.

Clearly there are too many Cocker-penned diamonds to mention in this blog post, but some of my personal favourites are: “I am not Jesus though I have the same initials“(Dishes); “Everybody asks your name, they say we’re all the same and it’s ‘nice one, geezer’, but that’s as far as the conversation went“(Sorted For E’s & Wizz); The whole of Babies.


2) The Moves
Oh, how we missed ‘The Pointy Index Finger’ TM and ‘The Gangly Hip Wiggle.’ Jarvis had a very unique way of moving on stage in the Pulp days. How to even describe it? A gazelle Voguing? A statue having some “sexy time” in a mirror? Words fail us. But frankly, we missed you, The Moves.

3) Bringing the brainiac back
As well as being a tip-top mover, Jarvis didn’t gain his reputation a totemic figure in British music for nothing. In the 90s he became a key figure of outsider-dom, a sage voice who’d lived in the arse end of the music biz for many years before Pulp made it big. Consequently he always seemed to rise above the champagne socialist exploits of his Britpop contemporaries. Even Jacko-gate came with an honourable intention (really, who could argue when MJ broke the ‘no popstar should ape the second coming of Christ while singing about dying elephants’ rule?). That he managed to turn these experiences into great art says it all really.

4) They gave us this Brass Eye parody

5) They were the band’s band
When most bands will, at some point, have a barney over songwriting credits and/or money, Pulp split everything five ways. As a representative model of ‘band as gang’, was there a better example?

In conclusion, Pulp’s shows aren’t going to just be about giving us a nostalgic smile when they launch into ‘Common People’. It’s going to be about giving this British institution their due.

So, let’s bring the pub conversation you’ve all been having into this blog; which Pulp track are you most looking forward to hearing?