Five Reasons Why ‘Creed’ Is A Must-See Movie

1. It’s a new beginning

The Rocky franchise is now seven films old but Creed feels like a fresh start. It shifts the focus to Adonis Johnson, who discovers he’s the son of Rocky’s old friend and opponent Apollo Creed. His journey to becoming a great boxer echoes the original Rocky, but with its own modern take.

2. Stallone’s Award-nominated Performance


Although he’s not the title character this time, Sylvester Stallone returns to play Rocky Balboa, now as a reluctant coach facing his own challenges outside the ring. Stallone gives a performance so weighted with history and sadness that it’s already brought him several acting award nominations. It’s probably his best performance since the original Rocky, which brought a Best Actor Oscar nomination 1977.

3. Michael B. Jordan

The face may be familiar, but it’s possible you don’t yet know Michael B. Jordan. You won’t forget him after this. After a breakthrough role in Fruitvale Station, the first film by Creed’s Ryan Coogler, Adonis Johnson represents his biggest part yet. The weight of the film is on his bulky shoulders and he carries it with ease.

4. Amazing Boxing Matches

The best boxing fights in cinema give you both the atmosphere of the stadium and the intimacy of feeling like you’re in the ring. The fights in Creed are astonishing, using long takes to suck you into the battle. Michael B. Jordan got socked properly several times to make them look real, and they certainly do.


5. Because You’ll Come Out On A High

There aren’t many genres that can pump you up quite as much as a great sports movie. With its ups and downs, fights against adversity, great soundtrack, the return of the beloved Rocky and the introduction of a worthy successor, Creed is a massive crowdpleaser.

Creed is released in the UK on January 15th.

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