5 Reasons Why Martha And Snoop’s ‘Potluck Dinner Party’ Will Be The Best TV Cooking Show Of All Time

They’ll be weighing ounces, doing a little baking, crushing herbs and (literally) sippin’ gin and juice. Bon Appetizzle!

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have come together for a TV show. A cooking show, no less. The internet’s fascination with this unlikely duo started in 2008 when Snoop made mashed potatoes on Martha’s TV show. Since then they’ve made ‘green’ brownies and roasted Justin Bieber together. Now it’s time for them to share their joint culinary efforts with a tremendous lineup of celebrity guests at their ‘Potluck Dinner Party’. The first trailer sees Snoop and Martha making self portrait pizzas and sipping cocktails in velvet nightwear. Grab your gin n’ juice, and prepare yourself for the weirdest cooking show ever.

There will be self-portrait pizzas

One of Snoop’s many lessons from Martha is how to make homemade pizza. “the makin’ the dough, from the rollin’ it, to the settin’ it up, sliding’ him in, then slidin’ him out,” Snoop revealed in a Ryan Seacrest interview. But Snoop is a kooky guy, so he made his and Martha’s pizzas self portraits using mozzarella. Cheese Snoop > Real Snoop.

Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogen, 50 Cent and more will be there


The format of the show sees Martha and Snoop invite their friends to the set to help them cook and try their recipes. When you’re Snoop Dogg, those friends are Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogen and 50 Cent. Martha’s friends couldn’t make it. The trailer sees Wiz presenting the pair with some “extra seasoning”, a large handful of green herbs. “Anything green is alright with me,” says Snoop.

There will be a fried chicken competition

“This is not a competition, although there IS a fried chicken contest,” said Martha in a recent Fox interview. The trailer shows us the beginning of that contest, as Snoop declares “It’s about to go DOWN”.  America’s favourite rapper vs the country’s favourite lifestyle guru in the best celebrity rivalry ever. This chicken better be lit.

You will learn how to make Snoop’s bacon


Martha has promised “a couple of great recipes for each show”, but that the best thing she learned was a new way to make bacon. “Snoop makes the best bacon”. It’s all about the secret ingredients.

They’ll be boozin’ in their jammies

If 2016 didn’t feel surreal enough for you, then no worries, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are making cocktails together in their nightwear on national television. Bikinis, tankinis, martinis… pyjamas.

You’ll see Martha Stewart feed Rick Ross lobster

Rick Ross isn’t wearing a bib. Not a problem for Martha Stewart, who hand feeds him some lobster. This show is weird.