Five songs Drake fans dearly wish were on ‘Care Package’

Although near-perfect, Drake still left out a few hidden gems in his latest compilation album 'Care Package'.

Drake‘s been on a big nostalgia kick recently, even putting on early noughties stars like B2K and Mario at his OVO Fest. In the aftermath, he released ‘Care Package’, a compilation crammed full of throwbacks from his back catalogue, including some classics and some we’d long forgotten about. That said, he did miss out quite a few BIG ones.

Here are a few notable omissions…

‘Best I Ever Had’

‘Care Package’ misses out a lot of songs from the ‘Thank Me Later’  debut album era. Appearing on his first EP, ‘Best I Ever Had’ marked the start of Drake’s career. A typical choice, sure,  but this is the song that put Drake on the map, earning him his first Top 10 song on Billboard, and his first two Grammy nominations.



An odd one, but a goodie. From Drake’s second album ‘Take Care’, this sombre tale about Drake only being able to depend on himself captures the whole ‘In My Feelings’ vibe to a tee.

‘From Time’

Dreamy vocals from the Rn’B artist Jhené Aiko make this a song to die for. Knocked for six by a relationship, Drake doesn’t just rap about women, here – he also speaks about his father, who we don’t hear much about elsewhere on the record. An underrated gem, this song will live for generations. Don’t believe me? Play this to your gran. She’ll like it.

‘The Motto’

This Tyga and Lil Wayne-assisted track had many fans feeling like they were certified rappers, circa 2011. If you didn’t know at least Drake’s own verse word for word, then what were you doing? An upbeat tune to let loose to, this might’ve brought some much-needed happier feels to the emotional compilation.


‘Marvin’s Room’

This list would not be complete without the fan-favourite ‘Marvin’s Room’. Originally appearing on ‘Take Care’, if Drake released a record that was simply ‘Marvin’s Room’ on loop, it would still become an overnight sensation. All about loneliness and heartbreak, this is the quintessential emotional Drake.

Oh, and if you want to listen to the whole of ‘Care Package’ make sure you have plenty of tissues at hand – the emotions run high and real.