5 Stone Roses Clips To Get You Excited For Their Live Return

Less than a month to go. You’re probably already as delirious as a Haribo-pumped kid scampering into Disneyland, but if you’ve still got some way to go before the dribbling stage, here are five clips to get you in the mood for The Stone Roses’live return this month.

The Stone Roses

1 ‘She Bangs The Drums’ – Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, August 1989
The ‘Roses at the height of their powers, between the debut album and the game-changing ‘Fools Gold’ single. Ian Brown’s sounded better – possibly – but Reni’s on thrilling, frenzied form and John Squire has set his guitar to psych-fuzz.

2 ‘Waterfall’ – The Other Side Of Midnight, Granada Television, January 1989

Not a gig setting, but this awesome, tight run-through of ‘Waterfall’ is a perfect live performance. Brown’s sailing pretty close to the notes and Squire and Reni combine for a raging mid-section. That’s a musicological term.

3 ‘Love Spreads’ – Feile Festival, Cork, August 1995

Until 2012, Reni had never played this one live. At Feile, Robbie Maddix was handling the beats with funky aplomb, Squire was fiery and Brown was flat as a pancake (but improving as the song went on).

4 ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ – Warehouse 1, Manchester, July 1985

Four years before its proper release ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ was pretty much the same – the same swagger, the same belief. Not quite the same band members though. Mani would bring his big bass grooves later.

5 ‘Fools Gold’ – Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, June 2012

Almost up to date now – and just before Reni storms off with Brown’s abuse ringing in his ears – here’s a stunning take on the old funky drumming baggy pearler that proves the band are on top form. Bless the old boys, they can still play a song for 10 minutes without wheezing.