5 Things Gig-Goers Really Need To Stop Doing

When I’m not hunched over my computer writing blogs about music, I spend my time serving up Snakebites to Camden hooligans at the Electric Ballroom. If you were there this past weekend, then you probably saw me. I was the one at that big round bar, standing on my aching feet for a ten-hour long shift, dreaming of changing into clothes that weren’t soaked in Jagerbombs. Didn’t see me? Well, us bar staff definitely saw you.

And this is why I would like to set the record straight with a bit of gig-going etiquette. Now I go to plenty of live shows myself. Once a few of those Snakebites get into your system, things can go a bit sour. I understand. But please, take pity on those around you.

Here are a few guidelines that I suggest you follow next time you go to see your favourite band live:

1) Don’t order a mimosa or a mojito at a music venue. Chances are, if the queues to the bar are longer than the queues to the ladies’ toilets, then there isn’t time to make something that complicated. Get a cider.

2) There’s no need to sprint through a venue to be at the front of the crowd when you’re the first person through the door. You’ll be at the front, don’t worry. If you do run, you’ll probably fall. And people will laugh at you. It happens.

3) Don’t sit on someone’s shoulders with a drink in your hand. While you’re dancing and having fun, you’re spilling your beverage of choice all over the poor sucker standing behind you.

4) There is no need to take pictures throughout the entire performance. Have you ever been stuck behind someone at a show that never put their phone down? And because it’s blocking your view, you’re forced to watch the whole thing through a tiny screen. Not fun.

5) Couples – please don’t make out at the bar. We have to watch it. It’s gross. Go watch the band, for crying out loud.

Thanks for reading. If you mention this blog to me next time you’re at Electric Ballroom, I’ll give you a free shot. If my boss isn’t around. And if you pay for it. And leave a big tip.

So, what bothers you the most? What do you wish punters would quit doing at gigs?