5 things we learned at BTS’ Wembley press conference

The K-pop phenom want to collaborate with Coldplay, but find those Beatles comparisons "a bit of a burden".

On Saturday, BTS became the first Korean band ever to headline Wembley Stadium. Ahead of their frequently spectacular two-and-a-half hour set, the K-pop septet held a press conference for journos and TV crews from all over the world. It was hardly the occasion for intimate personal revelations from band members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, but a few interesting thoughts and feelings definitely came out. Here’s what we learned.

1. They’d love to collaborate with Coldplay

“For a long time, I have loved Coldplay and I have always enjoyed listening to their music. We turned on Coldplay when we got in the car in the UK,” band member V said. His bandmate RM added: “They came to Korea like years ago, and J-Hope and I went to their concert. We saw Chris Martin and the other band members, and it was a great memory. I think everybody loves Coldplay.”

2. They’re also up for a Paul McCartney collab

Working with the Beatles legend “would be such a great honour”, RM said.

3. But they have kind of mixed feelings about being called “the Beatles of the 21st century”


RM said: “I think it’s fair to say a lot of musicians have been influenced by the Beatles. In the US we were lucky to do an homage to the Beatles on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. We were very grateful to be called that, and it makes us feel that we are doing good. It’s an honour.” But Suga added later: “It’s a bit of a burden to be called The Beatles of the 21st century. We are BTS. We want to be the BTS of the 21st century.”

4. They’re totally aware of the historical significance of Wembley Stadium

Suga pointed out that “until recently, this was where Tottenham Hotspur played”, and also name-checked Freddie Mercury and Queen’s iconic Live Aid performance. “Wembley holds huge significance. As a singer, there are some dream stages. Since I was young, when I watched Queen at Live Aid, I have dreamed of performing here,” he said. “I couldn’t sleep last night, thinking that I am performing at Wembley.”

5. RM admits that sometimes BTS’s crazy schedule is “too much and… too hard and too big for us”

“To live and survive as artists and as humans who try to love ourselves more, we need to make friends with our shadows,” he told reporters in a long and surprisingly candid answer. “We have our own ways of keeping it creative. For me, personally, I love to go to the park, see the trees, see the water. I love to shop, I love to go to museums. Our new album is titled Persona. My persona is RM and my other persona is Kim Nam-joon, a normal 25-year-old guy in Korea. We have to keep those personas.”

BTS play a second Wembley Stadium show tonight (June 2) as part of their ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ world tour

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