Serge Pizzorno - Kasabian

The 5 things that make Kasabian’s Serge say “for crying out loud!”

Kasabian’s new album is called ‘For Crying Out Loud’, so what better reason to ask the band’s gangly mastermind Serge Pizzorno to tell us all about the five things that make him shake his head in dismay and mutter the phrase himself. Over to you, Serge.

1. “Firstly, it’s an easy one – it’s airports, that’s number one. I just hate everything about them. I hate being told what to do, I hate being told to get in line, I hate metal detectors, and I hate waiting about.”

2. “Running out of cereal. That kills me! ‘Cos kids wanting cereals in the morning is a big deal. You know when you pour the bag and it’s just crumbs and the last little bit as well, it’s the worst – you can’t even eat it.”

3. “When your kid, your beautiful little boy, is playing on the phone and he’s playing a game, and then it clicks off because you’ve got to buy some shit, that kills me… That kills me more than anything. I’ve paid for whatever the game is, just leave me alone, stop trying to sell me shit through the day. My kid’s not allowed to play on my phone by the way.”

4. “I’m sure, like most people, I’m not a fan of the computerised checking out thing. Just employ somebody to do that. I don’t want to be putting stuff though, I’m not capable of bagging at the best of times, so just pay someone to sit at a till please, I can’t deal with it. And then you’re always asking for assistance, someone always has to click some button or put a credit card in… I’m sick of that.”

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5. “The advancement of technology – I’m going to put that in there. I think we should stop where we are, I think everyone’s happy, we don’t need any more. We don’t need nanobots… I think like a satnav on a phone is as far as it gets. So please stop where we are, no more technology, thank you.”