Frank Carter Launched His New Album In A ‘Concrete Shoebox’ Last Night – Here’s What Went Down

Last night, Frank Carter and his band The Rattlesnakes came down to the basement of London’s The Social in a Gucci suit to announce his new album, debut new tracks, and get everyone very, very sweaty. Here’s everything that happened in The Social’s “concrete shoebox” on Tuesday night.

And if you weren’t lucky enough to get one of the 150 tickets, the whole thing was live streamed. Here’s the video!

He announced his new album


Following the openers ‘Trouble’ and ‘Fangs’, Carter took the mic: “I was told a lot of things about tonight. They told me I had to tick all these boxes, we’ve got a live stream, we’ve got all this shit going on. But the only fucking thing that matters,” he announced, “is we’ve got a new album coming out, it’s called ‘Modern Ruin’.”

The album is due for release on January 27th, and though The Rattlesnakes wanted it out sooner, “the suits wouldn’t let us.” The crowd responded to the news with a (predictable) collective moan, but Carter assured fans they shouldn’t be angry at the label. “When they’re the ones taking all the risk, you kind of just say ‘yeah, alright, one month is fine.”

Speaking candidly about the new album, Carter admitted, “This record is incredibly personal to me, and my whole family. It’s about all the struggles we go through as humans, with each other, with the people we love, with strangers, with birth and death. It’s all about life.”

He played tracks from the new album

Frank Carter played three new tracks from ‘Modern Ruin’. The first, ‘Lullaby’, is Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World, and you can hear audio for that here:

See the live version at 14:40 on the live stream video.


They then played ‘Beautiful Death’, which was dedicated to “all the people that we wish could be here, but they can’t. All the people that we’ve lost, that we missed, all the things we wish we could say to them.” Carter made everyone “sit the fuck down” for the slower tempo track. Here’s a clip:

Starts at 18:17 on the live stream video.

Modern Ruin’, the third new track, “is about the end of the world in my house, it’s about the end of the world in the county, in the city, in the country, in the world. This song is about watching everything you love fall apart. This song is about realizing the end, doesn’t have to be that way.”

This (very loud) new track, is “for anyone who thought we’d gone soft”.

That’s 38:14 on the live stream.

There was a crowd surfing race

Halfway through ‘Juggernaut’, Carter instigated a crowd surfing race between two levitating audience members, “to the back, and back to the front”. It was a bit unclear who actually won.

Best gig I’ve been to in years. Such a nerve wracking couple of weeks getting the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes album ready to announce and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the best live band in the country than for them to absolutely level one of the smallest venues in central London. Modern Ruin their latest opus is available to preorder and is out on January 27th 2017. So proud of this band and what they have achieved – Rattlesnakes are 18 months old and it’s only the beginning. Huge thanks to everyone who made tonight and all of this possible… @frankcarter23 @andtherattlesnakes @deanar @garethgrover @tankbarclay @elliotzactaylor @tommitchener @cjmarks @berlinerpilsner @kobaltmusic @thesociallondon @livefi_tv @nathliddlehulme @davidemery @paultrueman80 @bexrichardson @kjfeathers @alandayrocks @baronxbones @edmasonphoto @jordangreen #thesocial #internationaldeathcult

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He literally brought the house down

The cables hanging from the rafters were no match for a crowdsurfing Frank Carter. As he dangled from the roof and stamped on the ceiling, clumps of wiring had to be caught by two bar staff. Needless to say, this did not stop Carter from continuing his stroll across the roof.

Other stage antics included being a bit sick and punching the roof. “My legs are shaking. I’m too old for this shit,” said Carter, as his set started to draw to a close.

Tight aerial action!! #frankcarter #berlinerpilsner #soho #tuesday

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There was a jumping Mexican wave

Halfway through ‘Devil Inside Me’, Carter came to the mic to rev up more audience antics. “We do this at festivals and it works really well. In a concrete shoebox, I don’t know,” said Carter. “When we drop this, I wanna see you all jump up, but I wanna see you jump up in a Mexican wave. There’s a lot resting on you right now. All your friends and family at home are gonna call you out if you fuck it up.”

Spoiler: They did not fuck it up. It was excellent.

Absolute rampage tonight with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes #thesocial #london #rampage #sweat #mexicanwave

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