5 Truly Terrible Things About Kanye West’s Puppet Comedy

Is it April 1st? Will someone please tell us that Kanye West’s trailer for ‘Alligator Boots’ is some kind of hideous joke? If this ‘behind the scenes’ clip that has found its way onto the interwebs is actually the real deal, the only good thing that ever came out of Kanye West’s attempt at slightly perverse puppet comedy is that it never made it past a pilot episode.


Here’s five reasons it should be banished to the depths of Kanye’s attic forever.


1. Kim Kardashian has no idea who Princess Leia is

5.25 into the clip. Kim: “Where’s Princess Leia from?” One of the Kardashian royals’ minions tells her. Kim: “Whatever she just said.”

Kanye West

2. The only person working on the show who realises how terrible it is is this woman

And even she is too shocked to say anything.

Kanye West


3. They are desecrating the studios that brought you Charlie Chaplin and The Muppets

As they say, they’re at “The World Famous Chaplin Studios, which is now the Jim Henson Company. This is where Charlie Chaplin shot a bunch of his movies, but today we’re making comedy of a very different sort.” Yes, you certainly are.

4. Kanye West, trying to take the mickey out of himself

Just a bit cringey.

Kanye West

5. They’re trying to be as good as The Lonely Island

‘Baby In A Club’ (four minutes in) isn’t a “very funny song” as described in the video and it’s certainly no ‘I’m On A Boat’.

I really hope it’s some kind of Joaquin Phoenix style hoax that knows how bad it is. You can imagine Kanye watching ‘I’m Still Here’ and seeing Joaquin go so far into method acting for his mockumentary that he had everyone fooled into thinking he was having a breakdown.

Then, you’d like to believe, Kanye thought, “Hey, I could convince everyone that I seriously think I’m funny enough to create a puppet comedy along the brilliant lines of Avenue Q, while failing to make anyone laugh. That would be such a great bluff!” Oh Kanye, you tricked us all, you’re so clever! Right? It’s all fake right Kanye? Kanye?


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