50 Most Blogged-About Songs And Artists Of 2008

Like a supercharged version of our own aggregated super-list of last year’s most critically-acclaimed albums, Hype Machine have unveiled their Music Blog Zeitgeist 2008, detailing the 50 artists, songs and albums that generated the most heat amongst bloggers over the past year.

Hype Machine

They’re gradually counting down from 50, unveiling the top 10 on Friday 9 January (I’m betting Radiohead top all three categories).


Hype Machine’s content tends to have a stateside, collegiate spin, since the majority of music bloggers are American college kids. Even so, these lists offer an immensely authoritative snapshot of global music listening habits, and a valuable full stop on a year that threw up plenty of incredible albums, but not much in the way of generational, tribe-uniting trends.

In fact, you could argue that the ‘zeitgeist’ of 2008 was that there was no zeitgeist – the very notion of critical consensus having been eroded by the infinite proliferation of viewpoints afforded by blog culture.