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My memories of 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster:

1 – Being chased around the Reading festival campsite by a demented and wild Guy McKnight only to be saved by two coppers who were being followed by a procession of hippies carrying a boom box playing The Bill soundtrack
2 – Live, them blowing a fuse on the main stage at Truck Festival and having to play half the set with no stage lights (it looked ridiculous) and the Libertines support slot at 93Ft East that saw Guy climb onto the bar and thrust his crotch in the face of some unsuspecting bar staff
3 – This:


The band have some stories to tell from the intervening period between then and now, involving drug abuse, insanity, home recording in the south of France, more drugs, life as a video shop clerk, sobriety, drugs, insanity, you get the picture. They finally got sorted with a new guitarist (Tristan McLenhan) and have some new material. ‘Love Turns To Hate’ is out on Monday (May 10th) with full album ‘Blood & Fire’ out a week later on Black Records. This is album track ‘Monsieur Cutts’.

80s Matchbox


Flying Lotus

Eastern strings, elastic synths and voodoo cackles make up the backbone to this next track, a slice of glitchy folktronic hip-hop from Flying Lotus’ new LP on Warp, ‘Cosmogramma’. The album features guest spots from Thom Yorke and Erykah Badu among others and is already out.



(There’s an “augmented reality app” on the site you can download too, which is a nice cosmic way to distract yourself for a few minutes)

What do you think of the tracks?

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