Massive Attack Shutdown Bristol As Fans QUEUE Through The Night For Gig Tickets

Imagine if the internet didn’t exist yet and the only way to get tickets was to indulge in a great British pastime and queue up for hours.

These music fans have made that dream a reality. They were so excited about Massive Attack’s 20,000 capacity show – which will take place at Bristol’s Clifton Downs on the third of September, with support from Primal Scream and Skepta – that they closed down their laptops and took to the streets of the ‘Teardrop’ band’s hometown in search of tickets.

Word got out that tickets were available from the music shop Idle Hands, and would be on sale at 8am. The queue began to form at 4.30am.

You have to admire this level of music fandom, don’t you, really. And when hometown heroes like Massive Attack roll back into town, it gets pretty real.

This tweeter considered poking fun at the Massive Attack fans. What a little tinker.

Tickets for the gig, which will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Massive Attack’s influential album ‘Blue Lines’, sold out in four hours. 10,000 of those tickets went in just eight minutes. We just hope the all-nighter crew got theirs…