‘9/11 Was Staged’ – The Crackpot Ravings Of Jim Corr

Remember Jim Corr? The only male member of tin-whistling Celtic folk-rockers The Corrs, who was so quiet and anonymous he was represented in ‘SMTV’ skits by a bloke with a paper bag over his head?

Well, turns out that placid exterior conceals a seething mental viper’s nest of fear and paranoia. Since The Corrs went on hiatus in 2007, the guitarist has emerged as a ranting conspiracy theorist in the David Icke mould. He doesn’t believe the world is run by seven-foot-tall lizard people – but his theories aren’t far off, in the goggle-eyed nutjob stakes.

Here he is, last year, explaining the “overwhelming evidence” for the fact that 9/11 was “a staged terrorist attack… by rogue elements within the Bush administration,” designed to facilitate the implementation of a global “scientific dictatorship, a technocracy”.


The softly-spoken musician is opposed to the Lisbon Treaty, since he thinks it’s a “stepping stone towards a One World Government”, orchestrated by a shadowy “Illuminati”, who are plotting to seize control of the planet.

There is hope for us subjugated drones, however. On JimCorr.com he explains that, “The light at the end of the tunnel is that millions upon millions of people are waking up to this unfolding Orwellian nightmarish agenda which will be averted once we collectively waken up.”

But he goes on to warn his disciples: “Be aware of what is called ‘Counter Intelligence Programme’ or ‘Co-Intel-Pro’… Learn also how the mass manipulation technique known as the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ or ‘Problem – Reaction – Solution’ is being used against humanity to great effect.”

Blimey. I don’t remember any of that cropping up in the lyrics to ‘What Can I Do?’ Still, at least he’s not so far down the path to foaming-at-the-mouth extremism he doesn’t exhibit at least a modicum of self-knowledge. “I’m leaving myself open to ridicule here,” he admits towards the end of his 9/11 radio interview. You can say that again.