A First Gawp At Pixies’ Gigantic Boxset, ‘Minotaur’

Now, don’t tell everyone this, because a girl’s got a rep to keep up, but I actually used to work at Record Collector magazine.

I was, in fact, the first person in possession of a uterus to help fashion their venerable and justly venerated tome. I jest, but it opened up a whole new world of music to me – not only in terms of obscure private-pressed prog bands I never knew (nor ever needed to know) existed, but where music wasn’t just content that you taped off the radio, bought in the cheapest possible format or downloaded for free, but was something solid to be sniffed, stroked, stored under lock and key and lusted over in a faintly disturbing way.

But I have never, in all my days, seen anything as beautiful as the Pixies’ new, career-spanning boxset, ‘Minotaur’.

Or as bloody big. When it thumped into the office, it was like the monolith from 2001: A Space Oddysey had just arrived via UPS.

It weighs about as much as a fat child, and is about the same size. The box has a strange fur effect, with the band name embossed into it. It kind of makes you want to hug it.

When you open it, the first thing you’re faced with is… well, the folks at production company Artists In Residence, who are responsible for this embarrassment of riches, have handily made an ‘unveiling video’ to get your saliva glands working.

Yep – pretty much a massive penis. The enormous, furry-hided book of new artworks inside, curated by 4AD sleeve art god Vaughan Oliver with the help of his students and original Pixies sleeve photographer Simon Larbalestier, though, raises the tone, and the bar, unbelievably.

Here’s them chatting a little bit about being absolute geniuses and stuff.

Also with sleevenotes by NME writer and Quietus head honcho John Doran, by the way. And that’s before you get to the box of heavyweight virgin vinyls, gold-plated (really) CDs and Blu-rays of all five peerless Pixies albums, with lyrics, beautiful band photos, huge fold-out posters. By which point, you’ll probably be crying a little bit.

The Pixies themselves are kind of stunned by it.

We’re going to review the set properly in our January 9 issue of the mag, when you’ll also have a chance to win one. Given that it’s worth over £300, you’re going to have to really want it though…

And you do, don’t you?

If you can’t wait until after Christmas (and if you know a proper Pixies fan, this would be a way to pretty much make their life), go here to buy one from the Artists In Residence website.