All The Reasons We Love LA’s Endangered Amoeba Records, Possibly The Greatest Record Store In The World

6400 Sunset Boulevard is a very special address. The Los Angeles branch of Amoeba Music is one of Hollywood’s most hallowed spots, a beacon for music-loving locals and tourists alike. It was recently reported that the iconic record store was under threat from developers, who wanted to bulldoze the art deco building and build a luxury towerblock in its place. Ultimate sad face.

However, Amoeba responded kinda positively to the news, posting a letter which themselves have said that they have “several years” left on their lease and are “committed to staying in Hollywood”. That doesn’t quite mean things are safe and sound, but it does mean we still have many more months of Amoeba in our lives.

You may have read an article today about us…

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There are many, many reasons why Amoeba is so goddamn brilliant and why its loss will be deeply felt – both to LA residents and visiting tourists.


For starters, there are some ultimate legends have stopped by to do instore appearances.

Such as Lana Del Rey…



And Deftones

It’s bloody massive

Aerial view of #AmoebaRecords in Hollywood. Shopping for metal with @GusGofficial.

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Its lifts are like a NYC Subway carriage circa 1981

It looks hella sexy at night

#AmoebaRecords + Sunset Blvd = Hollywood Vibes

You can sell stuff there too, meaning you can basically swap your rubbish old records for excellent new ones

Did we mention it’s MASSIVE

So very, very massive

Abel & Tito, lost amongst the cd’s. #bros #cuzzo #Thursday #amoebarecords

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They stock every genre you could ever want

Soul & Hip Hop… #AmoebaRecords #VinylGeek #TherapySession #HomeSweetHome #MySecondHome

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And some you don’t

And some you’re a bit like, WTF, about, but are essentially cool with

It’s appropriate for all ages

Isaac’s first time at Amoeba with his daddy. @imminentevolution #amoebarecords

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You get sick stickers with every purchase

Also, well decent tote bags are available. Especially good for showing off when you touch down back in the UK

They also sell books! Great bloody books!

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It’s great for a selfie

Selfies @ Amoeba with the guys in the background #amoebarecords #veghead #sxe #straightedgegirl

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