A Man Claims To Have Brought An Unheard Beatles Album Back From Another Dimension – Hear It Now

The Beatles: pretty good, but we would have liked one more album. It’s a decent strike rate, 12 of the greatest albums of all time in seven years, but one more would really have sealed the deal.

Ah, but look. A mystery man calling himself James Richards has claimed to have brought back an unheard Beatles album from another dimension. In a blog post, which was written some time ago but has recently resurfaced, Richards explains that he fell down a rabbit hole in California and made a new friend, who took him to this other dimension, where high school is called “upper school’ and the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is “slightly different” but the “songs were all the same”. There is also, he says, a 13th Beatles album called Everyday Chemistry, which Richards has bestowed upon us.

If you think the (actually kind of great) record – embedded below – sounds suspiciously like various Beatles solo projects mashed up with occasional new bits of new music, then you are very narrow-minded indeed.