A Preview Of ‘Never Turn Back’, NME Photographer Dean Chalkley’s Upcoming Exhibition

Photographer Dean Chalkley is best known for shooting the biggest stars in the world for NME, but his new exhibition, Never Turn Back, shows a different side to his craft.

Though several musicians feature, among them Chris and Stephanie Jean from the band Kill it Kid, Jason from Little Red Kings and Luke Fox from Norwich band Hello Bear, the photos also feature writer Aimée Keeble and fashion designer Rhianna Ellington. And the real star is the Norfolk coastline.

The collection was born out of a meeting between Chalkley and Conor O’Brien, the owner of exhibition space, Flint, where the project premiered in October. The pictures juxtapose images of friendship against the grittiness of the Yarmouth coast.

Chalkley describes the show, which runs December 4 to December 9 at theprintspace Gallery in London, as “an ode to friendship, space, and free spirit”. Below, he provides context to some of the images that will feature in the exhibit, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

Title: A Lonely Flag
“The tattered pennant beating it’s clink clank rhythm against the flagpole cut through the sound of nothingness.”
©deanchalkley 2015

Title: Aimée in the Elements

“Aimée Keeble has written several pieces that accompany the exhibition her words have inspired. I asked Aimée to write a poem about the pictures we took, the result was so good I named the whole exhibition after her poem.”
©deanchalkley 2015

Title: Pill Box
“I was told that this Pill Box (WW2 defence building) had fallen into the sand. Apparently it has totally sunk now.”
Chris Turpin (sitting), Luke Fox (standing), Jason Wick (Standing) Stephanie Jean (sitting), Aimée Keeble (sitting) and Rhianna Ellington (Sitting).
©deanchalkley 2015

Title: Wind Whipped
“My friend Rupert Orton told me that Chris Turpin (photographed here), ‘…has a singing voice like Steve Marriott’s…’, Rupert knows what he is talking about so I had to meet Chris… I was not disappointed. More than that Chris introduced me to his friends and the journey began. “
©deanchalkley 2015