A Sneak Preview Of ‘DJ Hero’ – Starring Daft Punk

I had high hopes that ‘DJ Hero’ might feature such celebrity disc-jockeys as Pat Sharpe, Bruno Brookes or DJ Otzi – but no, it seems Activision have gone all “cool” and enlisted Daft Punk instead.

Then again, given the shameful Kurt Cobain/’Guitar Hero 5′ affair, I suppose we should be grateful the game doesn’t feature some appalling act of rock n’ roll sacrilege such as, say, a special level in which Richey Manic bogles to Haddaway.

And to be fair, the music sounds like it’ll be pretty good. Thomas Bangalter and, er, the other one have supplied eleven exclusive mixes that feature samples from the likes of Queen, No Doubt, Gary Numan and Beastie Boys.

And I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun to play, in a post-pub arsing about kind of way. But isn’t there something fundamentally pathetic about pretending to be a DJ? I mean, it’s not like being an actual DJ requires much skill.

Anyway, should this interest you, ‘DJ Hero’ is out in October in the US.

[Via Stereogum]