A Spotify Punk Rock Playlist For The World To Share

Spotify‘s pretty much one of the biggest leaps forwards in terms of access to music – and there’s a vast amount of really good punk rock on there. For example, here’s The Dillinger Escape Plan shredding faces with ‘43% Burnt’ from way back when (with a couple of faces who aren’t in the band any more), and if you click below you’ll find a gigantic Spotify playlist featuring everything from Dillinger to Captain Everything! to Rise Against and Leatherface.

So with that in mind, I’ve created a big ol’ collaborative playlist that I want to share around the vast open plains of the interslice, partly because I think the more people that listen to The Mercury League the better but mainly because I want you all to contribute and add your own punk rock choices so that we can all rejoice in a righteous clusterbang of good music.

If you haven’t already got Spotify this is the ideal chance. And if you have, you’ll know how good it is to share music arund at the click of a mouse – that’s the idea of this. You know when you have those epiphanies [along the lines of, ‘YES! I remember dancing to this Tsunami Bomb tune back in 2003, I must tell the world!’], now you’re able to click and drag and get everyone else involved.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of you being new to this whole punk rock thing – in which case welcome to a new world of awesome. I’ve compiled a list of my own personal favourites, some old, some new, some famous and some rare, that I think represent some of the most exciting tunes of the past godknowswhen.

Don’t like it? Then comment below and add yer own playlist.

If you’ve already got Spotify, click here to get the playlist.

Click here to download Spotify for free.

[EDIT: I’ve made the playlist non-collaborative because some hilarious soul thought it’d be funny to delete everything.]