A Three-Year-Old DJ Has Won South Africa’s Got Talent – Check Out Arch Jr’s Mad Skills

Planes disappear from the sky without warning. The world economy creeps towards armageddon. We live in strange, confusing times. The old certainties no longer apply. A three-year-old DJ has won South Africa’s Got Talent.

Yes, this is the news that DJ Arch Jr, who was three-years-and-one-month old when he first entered the Johannesburg-based competition, has only gone and won it. It actually kind of makes sense: every superstar DJ needs a gimmick. Skrillex looks like a 15-year-old provincial goth girl, Calvin Harris got fit somehow and – least weird of all – DJ Arch Jr is a toddler.

This is the three-year-old proving that he is the most talented of South Africa’s 50 million people.


His real name is Oratilwe Hlongwanen and his journey began when his father, DJ Arch Sr aka Glen Hlongwanen, started to upload YouTube clips of the toddler on the wheels of steel. First viral fame beckoned, then reality TV stardom. We can now expect DJ Arch Jr to save Justin Bieber’s career and take up a Las Vegas residency. Catch him on Taylor Swift’s Instagram soon.

Yeah, but we were into DJ Arch Jr when he was just a kid with a dream and a killer CD collection.

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