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A Weather are from rainy Portland, describe their music as “the things that stuffed animals might tell you if they’d had a few too many”, and craft soft, subtle, serene melodies. They favour whispers at low volume to anything as crass as normal singing and they write lyrics that somehow manage to be ludicrous and vaguely poetic at the same time (“You once were a dish sponge / now you clean tiles / in the bathroom where sponges go to die / and I’m not watertight any more”).

A Weather

If they were a meteorological feature? Probably the moment the sky gets one shade less grey after a soft rainfall, and the sun’s outline shimmers behind the cloud curtain. Occasionally, they break out some nicely languorous drums, as on ‘No Big Hope’, our free taster.


Their sophomore album, ‘Everyday Balloons’, was recorded by Adam Selzer (M Ward, The Decemberists) and is already out.

On a similarly sweet tip, Seven Saturdays. This LA collective comprises multi-instrumentalist Jonathan D. Haskell and musicians from the likes of M83 and David Bowie’s band. It’s orchestral post rock at heart, like Yndi Halda condensed or a less evil Laura, running on heart-wrenching strings and a full tank of xylophones. Beautiful and epic stuff. ‘Secret Things’ sits in the middle of their self-titled EP which is out May 4th.

Seven Saturdays


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