A 22 Year Old YouTuber Has Stormed The iTunes Charts And Overtaken Adele

YouTube star KSI once claimed to have “more Piers than Morgan” (an actual lyric from his 2015 rap track ‘Lamborghini’) and now he has the stats to back up the claim.

Watford-born 22-year-old Olajide Olatunji, known to his 12 million YouTube subscribers as KSI, has been garnering his fanbase 2009, when he began commentating on videogames. He has since branched out into more “comic” – for want of a better word – videos, such as ‘Athlete Or Porn Star?’, in which he was shown pictures of women in states of undress and had to guess which of the two aforementioned professions they were famed for, and released an autobiography/guide to being a YouTuber called I Am A Bellend.

He can now also claim to be a musician in the same league as Adele, whose latest album ’25’ was the biggest in recent memory. Yes, KSI’s five-track ‘Keep Up’ EP, a buoyant rap record that features grime favourite JME, is – at the time of writing – number two in the UK iTunes charts. He was number one or much of Friday 8th January but then slipped one space.

How has this happened with so little mainstream exposure? KSI’s 1.97m Twitter followers can’t have hurt, though that’s still around three million fewer than Piers Morgan.